Monday, July 7, 2008

My son refuses to go to school without me in the classroom

My 3-year old son is enrolled in preschool. He was fine in the first few days, until the last school day of the week. He now refuses to go to school, and if we are able to convince him, I need to stay in the classroom with him. Unless he sees me all the time, close enough for him to touch me, he starts crying.

So what needs to be done? What is the right thing to do?

I discussed all issues at home with my wife, and at school with his teachers and the school principal. Although they allow parents or guardians in the classroom, I know this is a practice that should not be encouraged.

After days of pondering, I came to conclude that my son is very attached to me now, more than ever. He is having a period of separation anxiety. If I force him to go to school, he may hate going to school because he is being forced. If I leave him in the classroom, he will cry and cry throughout the duration of the class, disrupting other students. He may feel abandoned, which is the last thing I want him to feel.

Having considered everything I could think of, this is what I am doing now. I bring him to school and stay with him. According to the principal, my son needs time to settle in. My work is affected, but he is my son, and school is important. I feel that since this is his first time in school, I should spare the time to help him settle down to his new routine, to make his experience in school memorable and fun.

Any thoughts?

How I got started in computers

I was reading the news on CNN when I chanced upon CNN Interactive: Video Almanac - 1985. There are seven videos available in the almanac and because these are events that occurred more than twenty years ago, I have vague memory of the events.

I suppose it is hard for most people to remember events that occurred so long ago, unless it is something worth remembering, something special, or perhaps even tragic. For me, I will remember 1985 as the year when my mother gave me the opportunity to learn computer programming.

In that year, 1985, my mother took me to a vocational school offering lessons in computer programming. I was enrolled in a ten session BASIC Language (now obsolete) programming course. She also subscribed to Dr. Dob's Journal and PC Magazine, which she maintained for the next several years, for me.

I would realize, years later, how much money she spent so that I could learn. We were not rich. My mother and father were both sales agents earning on meager commissions. Aside from me, there's also a brother and two sisters they need to provide for. With that realization, I knew my mother would do anything for me, because I am her son, and she loves me unconditionally.

I received my first personal computer a year later, one or two days before the EDSA Revolution, which toppled the government of then president Ferdinand Marcos. Since then, there never was any day in my life that I did not own and use a personal computer.

My mother passed away in 1991. She has given so much of herself for me, and she is the one person who got me started with computers. To this day, I miss her terribly.

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